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Both analog and digital decoders are available, giving a frequency range from near DC to 24 MHz,. OFV-5000, OFV-2520, OFV-2570 Vibrometer Controller, VDD-E-600 Digital Front-End Optical Specifications Laser type Helium Neon (HeNe) Laser class Class 2, < 1 mW, eye-safe Laser wavelength 633 nm, visible red laser beam Focus Auto focus, remote focus, manual focus 1 Maximum stand-off distance Up to 300 m (with OFV-SLR, surface dependent). pdf 1997 seadoo repair service manual instant. Specifications: Model : Polytec OFV 3000 More Information: Link Voltage: 100/110VAC 220/240VAC Amperage: 3. During the execution of the experiments, especially with heated rolls, the heads&39; specified operating temperature range of +5 to +40 °C had to be observed.

The OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer allows for customer- and application-specific configurations. These options allow measure ments that cover vibration frequencies up to 2. The Polytec OFV-505 Sensor Head is a standard sensor head with multiple lens options featuring stand-off distances ranging from 100mm-300m.

Rapid and simple The vibrometer system is ready for operation within a few minutes. Its modular design allows the frequency, velocity and displacement capabilities to be tailored to your applications. The aim of this work is to compare the power output from an innovative wideband fractal-inspired piezoelectric converter to that from a traditional multicantilever piezoelectric energy converter. 37, 38 The analogue signal from the respective vibrometer was prefiltered by the controller box OFV‐5000 to suppress static noise.

Polytec OFV-3000S Vibrometer Controller, OFV-3000. ii) Manual variable focus lens from 200mm to infinity, compact dimensions of the. The OFV-5000 Controller is the core of Polytec’s latest state-of-the-art laser vibrometer systems. I am using LabVIEW version 10. 2-2m non-contact laser doppler vibrometer with a frequency range of DC - 24 MHz that includes a customizable laser turn head and customizable compact sensor head. We present electrostatic Micro-Electromechanical System actuators equipped with dimples and contact pads.

the flagship OFV-5000 controller when cost or compact size is more important than measure-ment flexibility. pdf yamaha car stereo manuals kd-g340. Rent or buy the OFV-3000 by Polytec in the test equipment industry at ATECorp. Title: OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller Author: Sigrid Zeyher Created Date: 11:47:33 AM. I use a Polytech Vibrometer OFV-5000 to measure displacements and velocities in the micro/nano lab, and wanted to acquire data on the PC via a RS232 cable. Coupled to the high-end, modular OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller (see separate data sheet), the OFV-505/503 sensor heads take full advan-tage of the high resolution processing of the OFV-5000 – digital as well as analog. For these differential measurements an OFV-552.

The frequency or phase shift is then measured and used to calculate the velocity or displacement of the target point. Harvesting energy from ambient vibrations in order to power autonomous sensors is a challenging issue. With the OFV-2502 Dual-Head Controller for simultaneous measurement at 2 points and the OFV-2570 Ultrasonic Controller featuring 24 MHz bandwidth (see separate data sheet), Polytec broadens the selection of vibration.

1 since mine wasn&39;t there in the dropdown. The basic model is the OFV-2500-1 Vibrometer Controller offering an affordable alternative to the. We identify a new instability in electrostatic actuators dubbed quasi-static pull-in. e) Compact Sensor Head with External Laser Unit (OFV-534) i) Compatible with high-end model OFV-5000 controller. polytec ofv-5000 manual Displacement was measured using a Polytec dual beam differential laser Doppler vibrometer. A numerical inverse procedure is proposed to explore the possibility of reconstructing the gradients from experimentally.

Each module is therefore tuned for different measurement tasks by making the best use of the vibration information in the Doppler signal obtained by the sensor head. It ofv-5000 manual is shown that such gradients do not affect measurably the resonant spectrum but have a significant impact on the modal shapes. From our online store inventory, we are selling a Polytec OFV 3000 Vibrometer Controller 100/110VAC 220/240VAC. The OFV-5000 Controller is at the heart of the modular vibrometer. The introduction of dimples and contact pads is shown to prevent stiction between the actua. Latest decoding technology ensures precise measurement results – with resolutions in the picometer range. The Polytec OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer is a 0.

the frequency or shifts the phase of the scattered laser beam. 0f2, but I said ver 8. A color coding of the scan points in the video image allows for easy monitoring of the status and quality level of each point. Depending on the chosen configuration, the PSV-400 covers vibration frequencies up to 20 MHz and vibra-tion velocities up to 20 m/s. Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, University of. The PSV-400 is designed to scan both small (mm2) and large (m2) structures.

Available scan modes ( page 14) are FFT mode (standard). Shunt switch under testing. Choose from different sensor heads to best suit your specific measuring task and configure the decoders regarding the required vibrational displacement, velocities and acceleration. The OFV-5000 controller is designed to accept a choice of signal processing modules, each optimized for different frequency, velocity or displacement performance. owners manual vivofit 2. The Xtra optical sensitivity gathers high-fidelity data from all surfaces – even on dark, biological, rotating or moving sample objects.

The controller decodes signals coming from the optical sensor head in real time. pdf miele novotronic w844 manuale. Polytec&39;s OFV-series single point laser vibrometers deter- mine vibrational velocity and displacement of structures quickly and very precisely. The latter is based on the OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller and can likewise be con figured with a wide range of decoders and de - coder combi nations tailored to the respective application. OFV-505 and OFV-503 are at the heart of a range of universal and expandable non-contact vibrometer systems. The system may be mounted onto manual or vacuum probe station (Cascade Microtech PMS150 or PLV50) for measurements both in ambient conditions or in high vacuum at elevated temperatures (up to 10-5 mbar & +200°C).

strength of a proven OFV-5000 Controller and a high-performance OFV-505 Sensor ofv-5000 manual Head featu-ring auto-focus and focus memory functionality. The OFV-5000 controller is the core of the modular vibrometer. With the next generation of Dual Channel Controllers for simultaneous measurement at 2 points and the OFV-2570 Ultrasonic Controller featuring 24 MHz bandwidth (see separate data sheet), Polytec broad-. pdf ncaa football 09 manual. High Speed Sensor Head and the OFV-5000-S Vibro-meter Controller. pdf polytec ofv 5000 manual. I am new to Labview, but am trying to catch up fast since I think it is an absolutely amazing software. Single-point high-sensitivity autofocusing LDV system Polytec OFV-505 + OFV-5000.

The sensor ofv-5000 manual head OFV-505 integrates interferometer, laser and imaging optics in a stable housing. pdf 105 manual guide nokia lumia 520 pdf romana. , OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller user manual, www. OFV-505 and OFV-503 are at the heart of a range of uni-versal and expandable non-contact vibrometer systems. We report experimental evidence of the instability and study its characteristics in two types of micro.

The OFV-2500 Series Controllers are each specially designed for challenging vibration measurements in production environments, in component testing and in tasks that require a very high fre-quency bandwidth. The OFV-5000 Controller is at the heart of the modular vibrometer. together with the OFV-5000 Controller when it is disconnected from the optical microscope scanning system. 39 The split signal was transferred to a BNC‐USB. The displacement output from the OFV-3001. The OFV-505 sensor head integrates interferometer, laser and imaging optics in a stable housing. The applicability of resonant ultrasound spectroscopy on materials with weak spatial gradients in elastic coefficients and density is analyzed.

Coupled to the new OFV-5000 modular vibro-meter controller (see separate data sheet), the OFV-505/503 sensor heads take full advantage of the higher resolution processing of the OFV-5000 – digital as well as analog. SEM picture of the switch. For differential measurements through the microscope, the optical scanning system can be extended with a second beam splitter and a manual optical 2-axis positioning system. ). pdf 369 questions and answers for job interview pdf file.

On manual or remote action, the PSV-400 system starts scanning the test object on the predefined measurement grid according to the acquisition settings. Manual control of the boiling process, media and tanks with PLC controllers support. pdf netmeeting manual. Notice : This offer does not include any services that are necessary for delivery and instalation of the brewery (installation work, transport and accomodation of workers, transport of the brewery technology, start up, training of brewer. The OFV-5000 Xtra Vibrometer Controller in combi- nation with the new MLV-I-120 Sensor Head is designed to flexibly measure vibrational velocity, displacement and acceleration.

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Ofv-5000 manual

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